Welcome to Neelamari Herbs

Neelamari Herbs OPC Pvt Ltd was conceived with the vision of providing chemical free and plant based alternatives for personal care. We provide the safest natural hair colour options. Our objective is to procure pure and provide pure.

We procure 100% pure Henna and Indigo Leaf powders from certified farmers which are laboratory tested for the presence of any chemical content, Heavy metals, and adulteration. Colouring hair with natural herbs has been an ancient practice in our country. Ancient households used natural food, natural toiletries, natural medicines, and even natural cosmetics. Gradually, with increase in population, increased demand, and limited resources, natural gave way to synthetic and factory made. And then, good health gave way to disease.

And this has NOT been a welcome change at all. Over the years people have started to experience the adverse effects of eating, drinking, applying, and exposing themselves to easy and short-cut, ‘synthetic’ solutions, to almost all their needs so that they can cope up with the pace of this fast life.

In common parlance, the use of chemicals has begun to interfere and modify the way our cells behave and our bodies work.

Being ‘au naturel’ is hence the new mantra. Plant based cosmetics, Naturopathy, Yoga, Detoxification, are not just buzz words. These practices are rapidly finding way in peoples’ houses and their lives and are definitely here to stay.