Homemade natural Hair Wash Powder Recipe – that works!

natural hair wash powder

Natural powder for hair wash is the best to use, especially when your hair starts looking greasy. It seems like water alone isn’t enough to clean it, so we recommend the best natural hair wash powder. Most of the shampoos we use have harsh chemicals, which are bad for your scalp and hair because they take away their natural oils. You can make many kinds of herbal and natural hair wash powder at home. The ingredients you choose will depend on how much you know and what you have on hand. 

Natural hair washes powder benefits.

You’ll be better off if you use Neelamari natural hair wash powder instead of hair care products that are made with chemicals. Natural hair wash powder is safe for your hair and scalp, has no harmful side effects, and works faster when used correctly and with the right ingredients. Using Neelamari natural hair wash powder has a number of essential benefits. Here are some of them:

Natural hair wash powder benefits #1 – Does not have any chemicals

Natural hair wash powder, which you should be using, is entirely natural and safe for your hair as it is made from ingredients that come from natural and organic sources. Also, this homemade natural hair wash powder has no harmful effects on the scalp. 

Natural hair washes powder benefits #2 – It can treat dry hair.

Natural hair wash powder is full of vitamins and minerals, making your hair healthy again and keeping it looking great for a long time. Because of this, your hair becomes silky, smooth, and soft almost right away, and you feel better about yourself right away. 

Natural hair wash powder benefits #3 – Can help with hair loss

Neelamari hair wash powder helps stop hair loss by giving your hair follicles the critical nutrients they need to stay healthy and keep their texture. In turn, this causes less hair loss. In addition, it helps hair grow and keeps it thick and shiny. 

Natural hair wash powder benefits #4 – Increasing the flow of blood in the area around the scalp

Both shikakai and soap nuts have nutrients that are good for your hair. So, your hair gets its strength from its roots, which helps it grow strong and healthy. It would be best if you used it regularly to get the long-term benefits this neelamari hair washes powder promises.

Natural hair wash powder benefits #5 – Get rid of your flaky skin

Using our herbal hair wash powder keeps the blood flowing well to the scalp. It also keeps the skin from getting dry and brittle. Your scalp will become healthy and clean, and the amount of dandruff on your head will go down immediately.

Homemade natural hair wash powder recipes

Natural hair wash powder with Avocado Shampoo 

You’ll need – 

1 ripe avocado

2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda

Add 2 tablespoons of natural hair wash powder

14 cups of water to measure


  • Blend the avocado, baking soda, natural hair wash powder, and water together to make a small paste. 
  • Use a bottle with a pump to hold it. 
  • Spread the shampoo you made yourself all over your head in a reasonable amount of ways. 
  • Use water that is at room temperature for the last wash. 

Natural hair wash powder with coconut milk

You’ll need

1/4 Cup of Coconut Milk

1/4 Cup of Castile Soap

2 Tablespoons of Natural hair wash powder

20 drops of essential oils that are good for health (peppermint, lavender, rosemary)

12 milliliters of oil, olive or almond


  • Put all the parts together.
  • The mixture should be put in a bottle and put away.
  • It can be used to wash both the hair and the scalp.
  • Use water that is about room temperature to take it off.

Sandalwood and Shikakai Natural hair wash powder

You’ll need

One tablespoon of besan

One tablespoon of sandalwood powder

Two tablespoons of shikakai powder

One tablespoon of Fenugreek powder


  • Get some recently picked curry leaves and clean them well. They need to dry in the sun for two days before they can be crushed (drying them for 2 days helps them stay well for a longer period).
  • Use a grinder to turn the fenugreek seeds into a fine powder. Then, filter the powder to remove any grains that might still be on your scalp or hair after washing.
  • Get all the parts you need, and then mix them. Mix this powder with water and put it in a container that won’t let air in. 
  • Sandalwood is known for its calming effects, and besan is known for its ability to clean well and condition hair. 
  • You can make more and store it in many containers later. But you should never let water into the container, and you should always use a dry spoon to get the powder out of the container. If you don’t do that, the powder might go bad quickly.

Hibiscus Natural Hair Wash powder

You’ll need

3 – 4 hibiscus flowers

3 – 4 henna leaves

3 – 4 curry leaves

2 fresh amlas

2 teaspoons fenugreek

2 teaspoons of yogurt.


  • Get some henna leaves and some curry leaves, then wash them well. Gather the flower petals from the hibiscus plant and wash them well. 
  • Put all the ingredients in a blender and shake them well to mix them.
  • Spread this velvety paste all over your scalp. This cleans your hair like shampoo and helps it grow faster and better. 
  • With the help of hibiscus flowers and petals, you can clean your hair well. Use a mortar, pestle, and a few teaspoons of water to crush the flower petals or leaves. It will harden into something slimy and sticky. You should use this mix to wash your hair. This mix will not only clean your hair but also treat dandruff and stop you from losing more hair. Also, hibiscus can help seal your hair’s cuticles, making it easier to get knots out. 

Neelamari Herbs

Neelamari natural hair wash powder helps make your hair feel very soft and hydrated. Neelamari Herbs was founded to offer natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics. We have the best selection of natural hair and skin care products available. Check out the Neelamari site and start making positive changes today. 


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