How to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash

how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash

How to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash is very important if you are dealing with hair problems like hair loss, scalp damage, or anything more. Natural products are almost always the best choice for caring for our hair. One of these is the much-loved shikakai, which our mothers and grandmothers insisted on using.

This plant lives up to its reputation, whether eaten as a powder or used as shikakai or reetha hair wash powder. If your hair is in trouble and you want to know how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash, this article is for you. If you want to learn how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash, let’s look into what shikakai and reetha are and their benefits. 

What is Shikakai in how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash

People often call shikakai the “hair fruit” because it helps healthy hair growth. It is an essential part of traditional ayurvedic treatments for the skin. The natural hair cleanser shikakai, also called shika, seekaaya, and soap pod, can do amazing things for your hair.

This traditional herb, which has antibacterial and cleaning properties, is often used as a powder or in combination with other natural herbs to keep the scalp and hair healthy. First, let’s learn more about what makes hair strong before discussing how to make it work. 

What is Reetha in How to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash

The herb reetha has been shown to reduce inflammation. This means that it could help soothe an irritated scalp and calm an itchy scalp. Some people think that dandruff is caused by an infection or inflammation of the scalp that is already there. Even though more research needs to be done to confirm this connection, you can still trust what people have always said.

You know that using reetha in traditional dishes hasn’t been for anything all this time, right? Even if you don’t believe in this herb, you should know that it can help your hair in many ways. The best thing about this herb is that it foams just like shampoo. Reetha has antioxidant properties, which are suitable for stopping hair from going grey too quickly.

It is used in ayurvedic shampoos to make a foam that lasts longer. In addition, the saponins that are found in reetha have a detergent-like action, which offers them an excellent choice for contributing to the cleansing effect.

Benefits of how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash

Benefits #1 how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash – Your hair follicles will be healthy, and your hair will grow faster

Vitamin C and other antioxidants in shikakai and reetha help the scalp make more collagen. Because of this, taking herbal medicine regularly can speed up the rate at which hair grows. Because it is rich in antioxidants, saponins, and vitamins, reetha and shikakai can nourish the scalp and hair follicles, leaving your hair silky and shiny.

The natural cleanser works well to untangle your hair, making it easier to work with and protecting it from breakage that wouldn’t be necessary otherwise. This natural hair treatment has essential oils that work deep into the scalp to strengthen the hair, making it fuller, healthier, and stronger. 

Benefits #2 how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash – Calms the scalp and keeps dandruff

A healthy scalp will help hair grow in the best way possible and make hair problems less likely. Shikakai and reetha have antiseptics to reduce inflammation and make your hair smooth. Its alkaline nature helps balance the pH of your hair and scalp to restore its natural health. Shikakai and reetha help restore hair nutrition and keep a healthy scalp because it has a lot of vitamins that are good for hair.

Shikakai and reetha have been shown to help with eczema, dandruff, and other scalp infections because they have many antifungal and antibacterial properties. This natural hair treatment keeps your scalp hydrated because it has oils. This helps avoid problems often caused by having a dry scalp.

Benefits #3 how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash – Helps keep hair from going grey too soon quickly

In today’s society, many young people are showing signs of greying hair too soon. This hair problem could be caused by living stressful lives, being around pollution, or using too many hair products that are bad for the hair. Shikakai and reetha are full of antioxidants, which are well-known for repairing damage caused by pollution and other harmful substances. After the natural hair wash powder has fixed the condition of your scalp and hair, it will continue to nourish your hair to help it grow in a healthy way. 

Benefits #4 how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash – Keeps hair from breaking and falling out

Shikakai and reetha are full of antioxidants, which means it works quickly to fix the damage of free radicals. Most of the time, split ends are caused by the long-term use of harsh commercial hair products. This can be a frustrating hair problem. Pollution and free radicals may also worsen the problem because they affect the environment.

Shikakai has a mix of nutrients that are good for the scalp and hair, which feeds and fixes both. This natural hair treatment can heal split ends and stop hair from breaking when used regularly. Over time, a buildup of dust, dirt, and oil on the scalp can cause the pores to close up. This makes the hair weaker. When you know how to use shikakai and reetha for hair wash regularly, they clean the scalp without removing its natural protective oils. This keeps the hair follicles free of buildup.

How to Use shikakai and reetha for hair wash

Shikakai and Reetha for hair wash

Shikakai powder is a great natural way to clean your hair to avoid harsh and poisonous chemicals that could hurt your hair. The reetha powder is a must-have for anyone who cares about their appearance because it can be added to regular shampoos and conditioners or used as an ingredient in several hair masks. 


500g of Shikakai powder

100g of Reetha powder

250g of fenugreek seeds

250g of Moong dal

One fresh bundle of basil leaves

One fresh bundle of curry leaves

Process – 

After being washed, the parts should be left in the sun for at least six hours a day over the course of two days. Make a powder out of them, and then store it in a jar that has been cleaned well and won’t let air in. The powder can be stored and used safely for a few months without moisture. Put a small amount of shikakai, and reetha hair wash powder in a clean bowl to wash your hair. Then, add some water to the bowl while stirring, and keep mixing until you have a smooth, even paste.

Give the paste at least two hours to soak up the water before putting it on your scalp and hair. If you want to wash your hair first thing in the morning, you could mix the ingredients the night before. Before you put the paste on your scalp and hair, you should separate your hair into smaller pieces and do it with your hands. After massaging the scalp for at least five minutes to help the paste get into it and clean it, it can be washed off by rinsing the head with clean water.

Shikakai and Reetha for hair wash

This hair pack is an excellent choice if you want to add something extra to your current hair care routine. On the other hand, you could use this as your DIY shampoo at home with natural ingredients. 


10g Amla

20g Shikakai

20g Reetha


Soak all three parts in about 800 to 900 ML of water overnight. Bring the whole mixture to a boil over low heat first thing in the morning. Then, let it simmer for a while so it can get thicker. The dense it gets, the better for your hair it will be. Still, watch out that it doesn’t get too hot. Still, watch out that it doesn’t get too hot. Just bring it to a boil if you want to make it stronger.

Remove the pain from the heat right away. Crush all of the ingredients with their juices. Then, it would be best if you strained the solution into a clean, dry bottle. Put the top back on the bottle and put it away for later. You can use neem or orange peels in a way that is similar to how hair packs work. 

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