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Kumkumadi Face Polisher

Kumkumadi Face polisher by Neelamari is fully organic and is suitable for all skin types. It has almonds, jojoba, hibiscus, and chamomile, and it helps get rid of tan and gives your skin a deep scrub. The word “Kumkumadi” comes from the words “Kumkum” for saffron and “Aadi” for a group of herbs. When you put these two things together, they do amazing things for your skin. This blog will discuss the benefits of every component of Neelamari Kumkumadi Face Polisher. 

Almond in Kumkumadi Face Polisher

Almond in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #1 – Exfoliation 

Almonds have been used traditionally to exfoliate for hundreds of years. This is because almonds are a natural cleanser. You may have seen it in many scrubs and cleansing milk because it removes dead skin cells and dirt. In addition, it helps skin cells grow new ones and improves blood flow. 

Almond in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #2 – Get rid of under-eye bags

Did you know that eating almonds makes dark circles under your eyes look less noticeable and keeps new ones from showing up? It is an excellent choice for treating the delicate skin under your eyes because it has retinol and vitamins E and K. After all, almonds are so high in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants; it also helps reduce puffiness and calm capillaries that are tense. 

Almond in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #3 – Evening Skin Tone

Even though you might think it’s a joke to use almond oil to make your skin lighter, there is some truth to the idea. People thought it was a skin-brightening agent because it stops hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone, and reduces the effects of a suntan. Also, it protects the skin from UV rays, which can damage the skin and cause dark spots if not stopped. When you put on your foundation with almond oil, your skin will be smooth, even as you’ve always wanted it to be. 

kumkumadi face polisher

Jojoba in Kumkumadi Face Polisher

Jojoba in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #1 – Antibacterial

Jojoba can kill bacteria that cause salmonella and candida because it is both antifungal and antimicrobial. The oil can kill bacteria and fungi due to these properties. This product can help you avoid acne and other skin problems caused by bacteria because it makes a barrier that stops bacteria from growing on the skin. 

Jojoba in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #2 – Antioxidant

Vitamine E still works as an antioxidant when put on the skin, just like we all know it does. Jojoba provides vitamin E. This sounds like miraculous oil that can protect your skin from the stress of being exposed to toxins and other pollutants daily. 

Jojoba in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #3 – Makeup remover

Jojoba oil has a lot of different uses and benefits, but it can also be used to clean the skin and take off makeup. Put a few drops of jojoba on a cotton pad, and then use it to clean your face and take off your makeup. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to take off your makeup and how smoothly it will slide off on the cotton. 

Hibiscus in Kumkumadi Face Polisher

Hibiscus in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #1 – Vibrant Skin

Since hibiscus is full of antioxidants called anthocyanosides, it dramatically improves the skin’s health by protecting it from damage caused by free radicals and delaying the start of skin aging before it should. Hibiscus is both astringent and anti-inflammatory because of the way it works. The astringent property of the hibiscus stops the skin from making too much oil by closing the pores. The anti-inflammatory property of hibiscus helps heal skin redness and reduce inflammation. 

Hibiscus in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #2 – Keeps skin infections at bay

Hibiscus is full of Vitamin C, which can help treat several skin problems, such as infections, dryness, and discoloration. Another plant that naturally has AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) in it naturally is the hibiscus. They are natural chemicals that can help treat skin problems and make the skin look healthy from the inside out. 

Hibiscus in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #3 – Evens out skin tone

Hibiscus is a quick and easy way to fix uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and other skin problems like discoloration. AHAs, like citric and malic acids, have powerful exfoliating properties that feed the cells by making the tone and color of the skin look fresh and new.

Hibiscus in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #4 – Removes Acne

The acids in hibiscus flowers work like a chemical exfoliant and help open up skin pores. It also has antibacterial properties that effectively fight microorganisms that cause acne on the skin. As a result, it stops acne from getting worse. 

Chamomile in Kumkumadi Face Polisher

Chamomile in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #1 – Reduce pain and inflammation

If your skin is red and irritated or dull and inflamed, this could mean inflammation under the surface. When used as a face polisher, chamomile will help reduce skin irritation. It not only feels good but also helps get rid of whatever is making your skin red. 

Chamomile in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #2 – Taking care of cuts and scrapes

Chamomile is a good choice for treating facial wounds because it is antibacterial and antifungal and has a mild antiseptic effect. If you have cuts or sores on your skin from an outbreak, chamomile will help keep an infection from taking hold. It has been shown that chamomile can heal wounds faster than corticosteroids. 

Chamomile in Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #3 – Under eye circles

Chamomile helps you sleep, so you won’t have dark circles under your eyes that show you didn’t get enough rest. Adding chamomile to your skincare routine will also help lighten the area under your eyes and reduce the puffiness that shows you didn’t get enough rest. 

Kumkumadi Face Polisher

Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #1 – Makes Complexion better

Kumkumadi treats dark spots and pigmentation because it contains sandalwood, saffron, turmeric, and milk, which all have healing and rejuvenating properties. Together, these things help your skin stay healthy. It is nourishing and was made to improve the texture and tone of the skin. 

Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #2 – Calming effect

Kumkumadi has a calming effect that lasts for a long time. It can be used to treat both inflammation and redness of the skin. It might help your skin feel better after you’ve scrubbed your face or gotten a sunburn. It also helps get rid of the scars acne leaves behind. 

Kumkumadi Face Polisher Benefit #3 – Better elasticity of the skin

Kumkumadi is used on the skin to make it more flexible, reduce the look of wrinkles, and help the skin age gracefully. If you use it properly, you’ll be able to get all the benefits of the Kumkumadi Face Polisher. 

Neelamari Herbs

Adding Kumkumadi Face Polisher to your evening skincare routine would be great. Kumkumadi Face polisher by Neelamari Herbs is a versatile treatment that can eliminate dark spots, even out skin tones, and nourish the skin. It has a lot of herbs that help fight inflammation and free radicals. 


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